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      Paulownia Shan Tong

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      Paulownia - was named in honor of the great Russian Princess Anna Pavlovna (1795–1865), daughter of the Russian Emperor Paul I.

      Family: Paulowniaceae

      Paulowniaceae are monophyletic and monogeneric family of flowering trees with currently 7 confirmed species.

      The Paulowniaceae are now resolved as a distinct separate family consisting of the genus Paulownia.
      They are deciduous trees with large heart-shaped leaves and long panicles of white-purple to lavender flowers native to eastern Asia. The most widely distributed and recognized species is Paulownia Tomentosa with common names such as Princess tree, Empress tree, Kiri tree, Foxglove tree, and Phoenix tree.


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      Paulownia Shan Tong

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