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How do you protect the forest: legally, physically, fire, or diseases?

The trees are being protected by the antifire policy (which belongs to the maintaining process) and agricultural insurance. The price of the initial (?) maintenance is included in the tokenized tree price.

How can you guarantee the return on investment?

This is possible through the buy-back programs offered by the planters. We cooperate with local companies, with many years of experience in certain species of trees. Through their own sales channels, they are able to receive a fair price for the timber. Together we can predict the price of selling the timber and bring this profit to you. If you will decide to sell your token before the investment cycle will end, you can do it on the internal market. In this case, the price is being regulated by the supply, and demand and fixed fee will be charged (?).

When will my tree be planted?

Your tree will be planted within several months, depending on the season, land size, type of the tree, and other independent conditions. You will receive the notification with the GPS coordinates when your tree will be planted.

Where will the trees be planted?

Different tree species require different soil and weather conditions. We scout the globe for providing the best land (also including a stable political situation to decrease the investment risk), with affordable prices and good weather conditions (enough sun and water). Each tree series has in a description of a country where the trees are to be planted.

Who will plant the trees?

We cooperate with planters who have many years of experience with specific tree species. They are responsible for land preparation, seedlings, planting, and maintaining for a couple of years ahead. They also harvest the timber, sell it, and share the profits with you.

Who owns the trees?

After buying a tokenized tree you become the owner of a tree. Although your ownership rights are limited - you cannot for example dig out the tree and replant it to another place. But as an owner, you are authorized to receive profits from the trees.

For whom...