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What you do? 

  1. Select and Pay - Please read carefully the tree description and investment conditions of each tokenized tree you want to buy. Purchasing a tree means that you agreed on the described conditions. Planting, maintaining, piece of land, where the tree will be growing, digital certificate and insurance are included in this price.
  2. Own and Hold - Check your trees collection in your APP/Dashboard, its' estimated price, and carbon offset counter. Share your profit/impact/offset score in the community. While your tree is growing and absorbing CO2, you can control, hold, or trade your token. Check frequently how much it offsetted and pick other trees from the collection.
  3. Give and Sell - During the investment period, you can trade your token. Also, do not forget that the best results you will receive after the investment period will end. Give some time for your trees to grow. 

What we do? 

  1. Find and Offer - We guarantee that we - selected and checked the most attractive “Forest Investment” options from all over the globe! Every day we scout for different commercial organizations and farms specialized in professional planting and maintaining forest assets. We check and discuss their offer in accordance with our standards - logistics, experience, tree sorts, maintaining, audit, protection, price, and terms of work. Selected ones go through the due diligence process and after we post their trees on our platform. Meanwhile, we work together on the offer, to provide the most optimal investment conditions.  
  2. Transfer and Create - We guarantee:

    + The trees are being planted after gathering enough orders, within a 6 months period. We transfer the collected amounts to the planters and change it to the real trees.

    + To check and approve if the partner had planted a tree - protect the tree physically and legally. We are auditing plantations personally and provide this opportunity to every investment tree owner.

    + To create a digital certificate (Tree Passport) for you as a tree owner.

    + Marketplace and Register - We guarantee to increase the tree liquidity by organizing the marketplace and transparent register.

What partners do? 

  1. Inform and Create - Partners during the due diligence process are obliged to provide all information about their experience and existing plantations. Together we create an offer for singular investors.
  2. Seek and Check - Partners should provide the land for plantation (either seek of it or provide already owned). The land has to be checked and the estimation of planting and maintaining costs should be done.
  3. Plant and Maintain - Planters are responsible for preparing the land, planting the trees, and maintaining the plantation.