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How do you protect my trees?

We protect your trees from two perspectives: physical, by providing all services needed for tree growth like irrigating, cleaning, pruning and fertilizing and legal by guaranteeing your rights to benefit timber or its financial equivalent.

Do you guarantee profit?

Smart Forest is not a financial institution so we can't guarantee financial profit. Final price of your timber depends on many factors including global market prices, on which we cannot influence. What we can guarantee are our services (read here) and utmost care to propose buying timber at the best available price.

Are my trees already planted or will they be in the future?

Currently we have available for purchase already growing Paulownia trees from a plantation in Romania (here). The same time we are working on new plantations (to be announced later). We always provide such information in a lot description.

What if my tree doesn't grow?

It might be that your tree needs some more time to develop the rooting system and their growth above the ground does not look impressive. But this is a brief period in the first years of tree life, and it will later on catch up to the average growing rate. Just be patient.

What if my tree dies?

It will be replaced with a new one free of cost by the planting company.

What is the role of Smart Forest?

We are a trust provider between the parties. Firstly, between tree buyer and planting company, secondly between trees owner and timber buyer. More about our role you can read ( here ).

What if you'll bankrupt? Will I still have the rights to my trees?

Of course we will do our best to avoid such a situation. But even with our bankruptcy trees will not disappear. Having the agreement and proof of ownership will protect your rights to benefit in court.

How can I check if the trees are planted?

In the lot description we always provide the GPS coordinates of the plantation. Feel free to pay a visit to your trees.

How often do you control the plantation?

We try to make a personal audit once per year to check the tree growth rate and field conditions.

Who owns the trees?

When a client purchases trees indeed he gains the undisputable rights to benefits from trees he/she bought. The same time rights to the trees management and all decisions connected to the field stays with Smart Forest and planting company.

Is Paulownia from your plantations invasive?

Paulownia has many different species, on our plantation just infertile hybrids are being planted.

When the trees will be cutted and what happens next?

Decision to cut the trees depends on two factors: the tree should reach at least 0,25m3 in timber and the offered price should be good enough. After harvesting, the willing can take their timber or sell it though the marketplace.

Who decides when to cut the trees?

Smart Forest have the rights to decide when to cut the trees keeping in mind offered price and trees price. We could support our decision with the advice of the planting company.

What if I want to exit from my investment?

Get in touch with us. Closer to the halfway point of trees growing period, we might provide midterm liquidity.

Do you provide tax advice?

We might provide some basic advisory on the latest stage (timber selling). For today we do not.

What is included in a tree price?

Economics for every plantation is calculated separately therefore we always provide such numbers in lot description. Still the standard set of the services includes - land lease, seedling, planting, maintenance and other services. For the exact numbers go here.

Do I have to pay something extra?

No, payment for the tree is being done just once and we included in it all potential costs.

How do I become a tree owner?

To become the owner you have to choose a tree or trees you like, accept the selling condition and pay for your order.

What sort of proof do you give?

The purchasing confirmation you receive on email. For any other proofs contact us.