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A Tokenized tree is a physically growing tree with its digital certificate -  a token. The token allows for some operations which would be impossible with a normal tree - like for example transferring it to somebody else. Imagine the situation, that you want to give a tree to your friend. And as it is a seedling, you could dig it out and pass it to your friend. But what if the tree would be a couple of years old? For resolving this question we invented a tokenized tree - a digital twin of a physically growing tree. Tokenizing trees also allows dividing the plantation into singular trees - which helps to track the timber price and calculate carbon offsetting more precisely. 

Unique features

Changing a tree into the token makes the tree a liquid asset on almost every stage of its growth. It also creates the added value as each token is unique (we use ERC-721 standard for collectible assets). It means that each tokenized tree can be treated as an independent object of collection. 

In the application, each tokenized tree is provided with a detaily described data like: Planting date, type of the tree, GPS coordinates, name of the series, CO2 offset and estimated timber price. 

You can see it in your profile as a beautifully designed card. Do not forget that some information will appear after the tree is being planted. Then the frame of your card will change the color and the carbon credit counter will start to run. 

Please click here to buy your tokenized trees. 

If you would like to learn more about tokenized trees, please check the F.A.Q here