Mission + Vision
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Problem introduction

Shortly after 2008, it hasn’t been yet as straightforward as it is today, that the problems which caused the economic collapse hadn't been resolved. It was enough to point out some of them: accumulation of toxic assets, financial bubbles and money overprint to understand that it's just a matter of time before the new crisis approaches.

Having trouble where to invest our own savings not to let them be changed to a pumpkin, we turned to timber as the asset class. Trees are the perfect tool to survive the crisis, as they have a hard value behind their back - timber. And demand for the timber grows. According to World Bank statistics, the demand for timber will quadruple by 2050. Not mentioning trees values for the environment like cleaning the air, soil, and water, cooling the temperature down and CO2 offsetting. 

And despite these extraordinary characteristics investing in timber is just a tiny part of sustainable investment. 

This is all because investing in forests is a game for big players as the entry-level for own plantations or shares in a forest fund reaches not less than dozens of thousands of euros.

Smart Forest's mission is to MAKE THE INVESTMENT IN FOREST/TREES FEASIBLE FOR EVERYONE … regardless of the investment experience, portfolio size, geographical and knowledge barriers. 

We are building an easy marketplace where even our grandma could buy or sell trees from audited plantations in a couple of clicks. 

The Smart Forest platform is currently the main tool for fulfilling our vision is THE ECONOMY BASED ON REAL ASSETS AND HIGHER SUSTAINABILITY IN ALL SPHERES OF LIFE.

It means more trees, more technologies, and more trust in the future. 

We want to transfer the industry from using wood from natural forests to using timber from plantations (tree farms). This will 30x increase wood and cellulose production efficiency and save natural forest bio-eco-systems from destruction. ​​​​​​​It will also increase the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by the same 30x times.

More trees mean more work as thousands of people could get long-term jobs with minimum qualification requirements. And even more, could become investors and secure their future with trees.

And thanks to the technologies we can even better increase the trust between the parties as placing IoT sensors will boost trees' growth rate and timber quality. 

Please click here to buy your own trees. 

If you would like to learn more about Smart Forest trees, please check the F.A.Q here