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Smart investing in Forest 

Save and earn in a sustainable way

For many years investing in the forest has been restricted to a narrow group of people. Just a few had enough resources to create their own plantations or buy shares in a forest fund. Nowadays with the development of new technologies any of us can become an investor and gain profits out of owned trees. 

Smart Forest makes investing in forest smart by decreasing the entry-level from a couple of thousands of euros to just a few, by selling singular trees from plantations. We efficiently scout the forestry market to select, the most profitable tree species, the best-growing conditions, and the most reliable planters, to ensure a fixed income from a tree. 

Smart Forest appeared in 2018 as a concept of an additional retirement plan. We believe that with the actual economic situation, it is hard to predict in 30 years perspective if expected pension will allow for a decent life. Long term investments in trees resolve this issue as trees grow constantly, even in the economic crisis outburst. 

In 2019 we gathered a team with a baggage of experience in IT, business, blockchain, and forestry and started our long way through business accelerators. Since April 2019 we have been part of: 

We have been also selected for finals and semifinals of several events in Europe and Asia.

All these awards and media attention helped us to understand that our product is truly needed.  

Our mission for today is to allow you to make profitable investments with just a couple of clicks.
To make your experience smooth and to provide you all the needed information for cognisant decision. 

We believe that having a profitable, tangible, and sustainable investment tool as tokenized trees, can dramatically change the global economy. If planting trees can bring financial profits, the world soon can become greener and full of people confident about their secured financial future.

Will you be one of them? 

Click here to start your collection of trees.
Or read here about forest investment schemes and profits.