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What is included in the tree price?

Unit Price


  • BLUE PART (50%) -> All the Farmer services & Land
  • YELLOW PART (25%) -> All other services, incl. Smart Forest
  • RED PART (25%) -> Government & Other money collectors
  • Paulownia tree sapling, a special non-invasive hybrid, resistant to low temperatures
  • Initial preparation of the land was carried out a year before planting (i.e. 2019, incl. plowing, weeding, fertilization)
  • The trees were planted in May 2020, the Farmer guarantees the first 2 years of the trees' life
  • From the 3rd year of trees' life, we provide agricultural insurance for the entire plantation
  • In May 2021, an automatic irrigation system will be installed by Farmer, which gives bombastic productivity
  • Other maintenance includes - treatment against insects, fertilizers, pruning, weed removal
  • Smart Forest services are: plantation/risks audits, plantation tracking devices (smart hardware, IoT), APP/software for your interaction with trees
  • We offer 30-40 € per tree. All existing competitors offer significantly fewer services for a higher price of 130-300 € per tree.
  • You can pick up the tree timber at the end of the cycle (ask the conditions!), or sell trees on our marketplace
  • We will issue digital certificates/NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) for each tree during the first years of the trees' life
  • Payment is available now only via direct bank transfer (SEPA, inside the EU), for our mutual transparency and security
  • You pay once and never again!