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Smart Forest business model. 

Smart Forest creates a marketplace, in which the main task is to provide an opportunity for a safe and secure investment in the trees/forest. To achieve this, all of the parties involved in the SF ecosystem collaborate - planters, investors, timber buyers and us.

Let’s shortly introduce the roles of each of these sides.

SERVICE 1: changing FIAT MONEY -> to the TREES *

( * - i.e. sale and purchase of Trees )

Tree buyer/investor 

The role of the tree buyer/investor is to provide planter/farmers with additional financial liquidity in exchange for trees and maintenance services.

To fulfil this role and become a tree buyer/investor couple of steps have to be done: 

  • Your decision to invest in Smart Forest trees must be conscious and responsible.  Please get acquainted with available information on the Smart Forest website (especially the offer, agreement, how-it-works). If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us. 
  • Buy trees you like, and pay for the trees ONCE. All needed maintenance/protection services are already included in the price. You will not have to pay more for already bought trees. 
  • Consider yourself a SUSTAINABLE INVESTOR! Share your unique experience with your community. 
  • Subscribe to our social media channels to stay updated on important information. 
  • Pick other trees from our assortment, and COLLECT your own portfolio - the forest of trees from different parts of the world.
  • Own and Hold!  Do not forget that the best results you will receive after the investment period will end. Give some time for your trees to grow
  • Take the timber -OR- sell trees in the marketplace at the end of the growing cycle (for Paulownia: 8-10 years).

Smart Forest 

The Smart Forest platform plays the role of trust provider between investors who buy trees and farmers who plant and care for the trees.

What exactly do we do:

  • We find professional farmers/planters who offer the most profitable business models and the best-secured business opportunities.
  • We make a full audit and risk assessment. We check the farmer/planter from a legal perspective, the company's formal and financial status and available land.
  • We check the plantation in person and install the IoT devices as control & helping tools
  • We sign the partnership contract with the farmer/planter.
  • We divide their wholesale offer for small retail parts – individual trees.
  • We issue a digital "Tree Passport" for every single tree. 
  • We sell these trees to you, our investors via our marketplace.
  • We do an audit of the plantation every year.


  • Planter provides information about his experience, company, and existing plantations.
  • Planter provides the land for plantation (either purchase new land or use their available land).
  • Planter prepares the land, plants the trees and maintains the trees throughout their growth- cycle.
  • Together with planter, we create an offer - a profitable business opportunity for investors.

SERVICE 2 (since 2026) - change TREES to MONEY **

( ** - i.e. buy-back of Trees )

Tree owners / Investors 

  • Decides what to do with the timber - either take it as timber/lumber or sell it through the marketplace
  • In the case of taking timber, there is no need for  “service 2”.
  • In the case of selling trees, three owners get the money, withdraw money or buy trees from other plantations. 

Smart Forest 

  • SF invites timber processing companies (like sawmills, furniture producers and etc.) to make a bid for timber, sell timber and distribute the collected amount among tree owners.

Timber processor 

  • Buys trees from the plantation and sends money through Smart Forest marketplace to the tree owners/Investors.