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What partners/farmers/planters do? 

  1. Partner provides information about his experience, registered company, and existing plantations.
  2. Partner provides the land for plantation (either seek of it or provide already owned).
  3. Partner prepares the land, plants the trees, and is doing maintenance during the whole tree lifecycle.
  4. Together with partner, we create an offer - profitable business opportunity for investors.

What do we do? 

We build the first in the world supermarket of forest investing opportunities.

  1. We look for professional farmers/planters who offer the most profitable business models, the best secured business opportunities.
  2. We make full audit and risk assessment, we check the farmer/planter from legal point, all the documents, company.
  3. We check the plantation (physically, on the place) and install the IoT devices as a control/help system.
  4. We sign the partnership contract with the farmer/planter.
  5. We divide their wholesale offer for small retail parts – singular trees.
  6. We issue a "Tree Passport" for every tree, a digital certificate in form of NFT (non-fungible token) on the blockchain.
  7. We sell these tokens/trees/certificates to investors via our marketplace.
  8. We do an audit of the plantation every year.

What do you do? 

  1. Read carefully the offer description, service agreement conditions.
  2. Buy your Trees! All the needed services are included for the whole lifecycle, you don't need to pay more, never!
  3. Own and Hold! Check your trees collection in your APP/Dashboard - its' estimated price, carbon offset counter. 
  4. Feel yourself a SUSTAINABLE INVESTOR! Share your profit/impact/offset score in your community. 
  5. Pick other trees from our assortment, COLLECT your own NFT forest.
  6. [* 2021-2022] During the investment period, you can trade your tokens/trees on the secondary market.  
  7. Take the timber -OR- sell tokens/trees on the marketplace at the end of the life-cycle (for Paulownia: 6-8 years).

Do not forget that the best results you will receive after the investment period will end. Give some time for your trees to grow.