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Founders & Core team

CEO of the project with a lot of experience in business building, IT, fintech area, mathematician, developer.

Alexey Rudometov

CEO, Developer

A lot of experience in the area of marketing, journalism.

Iwa Pawlak

Business developer

Researcher in the field of engineering and computing technologies, engineer, designer, marketing specialist.

Gregory Tiurin


Dmitry Tsakhilov

Project manager

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About Us

Application platform Smart Forest provides a possibility for selling/buying/changing of bio-digital assets:
(1) CC/Carbon Credits, and (2) TT/Tokenized Trees.

TT is an Ethereum ERC721 certificate for a real tree with its own RFID, ownership rights, geo-location, full description, including the real-time accurately calculated carbon offset/carbon credits.

We help companies to improve their business image and offset CO2 emission by buying/holding TT&CC. It’s more transparent, sustainable and efficient than today’s money lost on greenwashing/quotes buying.

Companies can also transfer assets to their customers as a GIFT, for loyalty, for tasks, news sharing).

Customers can collect, view, exchange assets in the web/mobile App.


innoWerft Accelerator
69190, Walldorf, BW, Germany
Robert-Bosch-Straße 49


Pitchdeck 02.02.2020 [PDF, 14 slides, ENGLISH]
ICT Spring 2019 Luxembourg Flyer [PDF, 1 page, ENGLISH]
Carbon Credit 2019 Info [PDF, 20 pages, ENGLISH]